Kiss Tough Nights Goodbye!

Your nights don't have to be exhausting anymore.

Educating, Empowering, and Encouraging Families

Get Sleep

In 10-14 nights, committed parents can expect their little ones to sleep 11-12 hours per night. Cara's methods are safe and effective. "Crying it out" all alone is simply not necessary. Try it Cara's way! Your baby will not feel abandoned nor neglected.

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Attend A Class

Expectant and brand new families can learn how to develop healthy sleep habits from the beginning. The "Will I Ever Sleep Again" Class discusses feedings, naps, bedtimes, night awakenings and how to fit them all together so the entire family gets the rest they all require.

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If your baby is 12 weeks through 2 years of age, Cara can create a customized Sleep Plan specifically for your baby. You can have an expert coach walk you through the entire process until your little one is sleeping 11-12 hours per night. No longer is it necessary to decipher a text book. Cara eliminates the guesswork and leads you along a journey to successful, restful nights.

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Cara's Story

Like many new moms, Cara's journey was full of long nights, sleep deprivation, and frustration. Watch "Cara's Story" to see how she turned her own struggles into a path of helping other families get the sleep they so desperately need and desire.