• Taking Cara Babies
  • Sleepy Time
  • Let's face it, they wouldn't call it "labor" unless it involved hard work! The female body has undergone tremendous changes over the past 40 weeks to create that precious miracle. Add labor and delivery and round-the-clock newborn care and you've got one tired Mommy.

    What if Mom could sleep for eight hours a few nights a week? Doesn't that sound heavenly?

    Three, four, five nights a week, Taking Cara Babies allows moms to get some rest. We awaken with the newborn and provide all the night care needed. We can bottle-feed expressed breast milk or formula. If mom would prefer to continue nursing, baby will be brought directly to mom with diaper changed and take baby immediately following nursing. A detailed log will be provided so parents will be informed of exactly how the night was handled.

    Allow Taking Cara Babies to provide you a fabulous night of rest so you can awaken refreshed and ready to face the next day.